#COntest2015 Giveaway Winners Announced!

We have our #COntest2015 giveaway winners!

  • 1st place - tumblr user t-rex-it‚Äč from South Carolina
  • 2nd place - twitter user _izzyladd from Illinois
  • 3rd place - facebook/twitter/forum member Jeff Singer from Wisconsin

Congrats! Expect your messages soon. Thanks for everyone who participated. We loved seeing all the Chevellion faces out there. Stay tuned for later this year when we do another giveaway!

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#COntest2015 Giveaway


Chevelle Online is doing a giveaway to celebrate the end of a very successful year for our favorite band Chevelle. Not only that, but we've reached a number of milestones for our little fan site (Tumblr - 600 followers, Facebook - 800 Members, & Twitter - 6000+ Followers!). Also we just want to give you guys some cool shit and see your beautiful faces!

All you have to do to enter is take a picture of yourself (come out of the woodwork all you selfie takers) with something Chevelle related and include the state and/or country that you're from. Then post the picture to our Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or our Forum using the hashtag #COntest2015. If you tag it or mention us, we'll find it! One entry per person. Examples above (Paul and I looking deliciously uncomfortable).

We will draw 3 winners on January 5th, 2015. Each will receive a sticker from the This Type Of Thinking (Could Do Us In) album release along with some of our custom made Chevelle Online guitar picks.

First prize will get first pick of one of two autographed items.
*Band Promotional photo signed by all 3 members or
*Dean's La Gargola CD insert signed by all 3 members
AND first pick of one of three posters/picture
*16.5 x 28 inch white band poster (was the merch table's display. Has small chunk missing down at the bottom),
*12 x 17.5 group promotional poster (crease across Sam's shoulder and small ink peel on Dean's forehead),
*5 x 8 band photo (perfect condition!)
Second prize will pick the remaining autographed item & one of the two remaining poster/picture. Third prize will receive the final remaining poster.

This is open to everyone world wide, so get submitting those pictures! Even if for some reason you don't want to get free stuff, submit a picture anyway. We're hoping to do something fun with all the pictures we get :)



Some examples of valid entries:

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Black Velvet Magazine

Chevelle Online has been featured in the fansite section of Black Velvet Magazine's 82nd issue! It's available to read for free online. Click the picture to read the interview and learn how we came to be.

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Tech For Africa

CALLING ALL CHEVELLE FANS. . . . . . . . . . . 

Today we are launching a special promotion in partnership with TECH FOR AFRICA.

TECH FOR AFRICA is an organization that has developed learning programs and tools to educate special needs children. This team of 8 is headed to the Khulani School, in rural South Africa next month.

The Khulani School is home to 300 students all with varying levels of disabilities. These students have no access to education without this special school. Most of these 300 students live at the school permanently and without schools like Khulani, there would be no place for special needs children to go as many are subject to cruelty and abuse if left in their villages.

This school and many others like it still lack essential tools such as books and technology. By using donated electronics that we are disposing of here in the western world, we can transform how the children are educated, and bring teachers the basic tools for modern learning. 

Tech for Africa cannot achieve their goals without you, and with Chevelle urge you join this great cause. 

Chevelle has reprinted and is selling a South Africa Shirt priced at only $15. All profits from the sale of every South Africa Tee will go directly to the Tech for Africa cause.

For more information on this great organization and to find out how you can help click the link below.

Thanks for the support, 





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No Pete Loeffler Signature PRS

Hey guys! You may or may not have noticed that Pete has been playing Fender guitars instead of his staple Paul Reed Smith’s this tour. We don’t know what caused him to change it up, but it was a suprise since Pete has been a loyal and outspoken endorser of PRS for over a decade. There were rumors and hopes that he was going to get his own signature Paul Reed Smith model that would be made available to purchase, but after a recent tweet, it seems those hopes have been snuffed out. Since Pete has converted many of us to PRS, it was disheartening to read. So let’s show those at Paul Reed Smith that there is a market for a Pete Loeffler signature guitar. Even if nothing comes of it, at least we can show them the impact he has had on their brand.

For details on where to send your letter along with examples of other letters, click here.

Sign the petition!

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Chevelle Tops Pop!

Chevelle's new album La Gárgola has successfully debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 list making it Chevelle's highest debuting album to date! The single Take Out The Gunman has also landed itself at the #1 spot of it's charts, making it Chevelle's fifth #1 single!

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Chevelle Tops Pop?

With some massive buzz and momentum coming off of Chevelles recent release of their seventh studio album, La Gargola, the band finds themselves on a path to to the top of the carts. Their fifth studio album, Scifi Crimes, debuted at #6 on the charts. Already sitting as the number one selling CD on Amazon, La Gargola is quickly showing that it has the potential to overtake Scifi Crimes as Chevelles top debuting album. In an attempt to make the Billboard Top 200 list, Chevelle Online and Chevelle partnered up to trend the band on Twitter; encouraging people to buy copies of the album to bolster numbers, and hopefully setting record figures for the trio.

Keep up with all the stats for Chevelle singles and the entire album here:

Places to buy La Gargola:
Get Some Chevelle

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